Announcing the 2020 Thieme Youth Musical: The Music Man Jr!

Below is an abbreviated outline of what to expect for meetings, rehearsals and performances.


Audition sign-ups are open. Please register for an audition here: MusicManJr

Character breakdown below.

Auditions will be in the Black Box December 3, 4, and/or 5 if callbacks are needed.

Grades 3-5 will audition on December 3rd, and Grades 6-12 will audition on December 4th.

Key Dates

· Jan 6 Rehearsals begin for full cast Mondays - Fridays. No Saturday rehearsals except possibly for Core Cast (TBD). No Sunday rehearsals.

· Feb 10 First rehearsal on The Center Stage, no excused absences after this date

· Feb 14 & 17 These are no-school days. We will rehearse during the day. No absences.

· Feb 20-22 Performances

· Feb 23 Strike Day (will need volunteers!)

Performance Schedule

(Note: students will miss school for school matinees – school performance times are estimates until we have confirmation from TCSD)

Feb 20 (Thursday) – 9:30am school matinee / 1:00pm school matinee (Tentative)

Feb 21 (Friday) – 9:30am school matinee & 6:30pm opening night – public performances

Feb 22 (Saturday) – 1pm matinee & 6:30pm closing night – public performances (Saturday, cast party after last show)


The fee to participate is $325. Scholarships are available. Please contact with any questions.

Character Breakdown:

HAROLD HILL: (Baritone, A Flat to High F) A smooth talking con person and traveling salesperson with plenty of charm, who tries Iowa after saturating Illinois; convinces townspeople they need a boys’ band to keep them out of trouble.  Needs to have some dance experience. 

MARIAN PAROO: (Soprano, Low G to High A) Daughter to Mrs. Paroo and sister to Winthrop, she is the stuffy librarian and piano teacher in town. Moves well, strong actress, confident.  

MARCELLUS WASHBURN: (Tenor, G to High A) Former con man and friend to Harold Hill who now lives in River City; becomes fast friends with Harold again and helps him learn about the town, tries to help Harold get out of town after the con; his is a comic role.  Comic timing, sings, and dances.  

MRS. PAROO: (Mezzo Soprano A Flat to E Flat) Widowed Irish mother to Marian and Winthrop, she speaks with an Irish accent. She is a sweet, cheerful homemaker who wants the best for everyone. 

MAYOR GEORGE SHINN:  The Mayor of River City, self-important, blustery, pompous, not terribly intelligent. Gets lots of things wrong! Listens to his wife. Comic timing, strong actor.

WINTHROP PAROO: (Alto, C – E Flat) Marian’s little brother, capable of a lisp. 

AMARYLLIS: (Alto, C to E) She is the young piano student of Marian Paroo.  Slightly bratty.  Knowing how to play the piano is a PLUS for this role.  

BARBERSHOP QUARTET (Members of the School Board) 

OLIN BRITT: (Bass) Editor of the Gazette, Member of the School Board turned into Barbershop Quartet.  Must be able to hold harmonies.

OLIVER HIX: (Baritone) Banker, Member of the School Board turned Barbershop Quartet.  Must be capable of holding harmonies.  

JACEY SQUIRES: (High Tenor) Owner of the livery stable, Member of the School Board turned Barbershop Quartet.  Must be capable of holding harmonies.

EWART DUNLOP: (Second Tenor) Owner of the General Store, Member of the School Board.  Must be able to hold harmonies.  

CHARLIE COWELL: A rival traveling salesman, first seen on the train at the start of the show, he returns to town to warn them about Harold and hopefully make himself a hero and earn sales himself. 

TOMMY DJILAS: A teenager from the “wrong side of town” who starts out as a trouble maker, but falls for Zaneeta, the Mayor’s daughter. 

CONSTABLE LOCKE: The town Sheriff. Sings the Chorus Numbers 


TRAVELING SALESMEN:  Must have good sense of rhythm.  

RIVER CITY TOWNSPEOPLE: Strong singers, movement and dance. 

EULALIE MACKECKNIE SHINN: (Alto, D to D) Mayor Shinn’s wife, she is definitely a society lady, knows everyone in town, struts about like a peacock and is somewhat snooty.

ZANEETA SHINN: Mayor Shinn & Eulalie’s daffy teenage daughter, she has a crush on the town “bad boy” Tommy. She is not rebellious, but is learning to stand up for herself. 

GRACIE SHINN: She is the Mayor’s younger daughter, and somewhat of a tomboy and a bit devilish. 

ETHEL TOFFELMIER: (D to high D) Strong singer, moves well.  

ALMA HIX: (D to high D) Strong comic timing, strong singer, must move well.  

MAUD DUNLOP: Strong singer, comic timing, must move well.  

MRS. SQUIRES: Strong singer, comic timing, must move well.