Announcing the 2020 Thieme Youth Musical: The Music Man, Jr!

Below is an abbreviated outline of what to expect for meetings, rehearsals and performances so you can make winter plans.


Audition sign-ups will be open (on our website) beginning November 7th.

Auditions will be in the Black Box December 3, 4, and/or 5.

Auditions are open to children in grades 3-12.

Key Dates

· Jan 6 Rehearsals begin for full cast Mondays - Fridays. No Saturday rehearsals except possibly for Core Cast (TBD). No Sunday rehearsals.

· Feb 10 First rehearsal on The Center Stage, no excused absences after this date

· Feb 14 & 17 These are no-school days. We will rehearse during the day. No absences.

· Feb 20-22 Performances

· Feb 23 Strike Day (will need volunteers!)

Performance Schedule

(Note: students will miss school for school matinees – school performance times are estimates until we have confirmation from TCSD)

Feb 20 (Thursday) – 9:30am school matinee / 1:00pm school matinee (Tentative)

Feb 21 (Friday) – 9:30am school matinee & 6:30pm opening night – public performances

Feb 22 (Saturday) – 1pm matinee & 6:30pm closing night – public performances (Saturday, cast party after last show)

A musical theater workshop will be held in October and November to help students prepare for auditions. Learn more and enroll!