Join Off Square for our Fall 2018 Theatre Workshop Series!

Fall Theatre Workshop Series

Kids in grades 6-12 ~ Join us for a series of workshops that will offer instruction and experience in a variety of skills of the theatre world.

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·      IMPROV: Open your mind and deepen your acting skills through an Improv class where you have to think on your feet and say Yes! Led by well-known Jackson improv comedian, Josh Griffith. Tuesday, September 18 from 5-7pm

·      COLD READING & CHARACTERIZATION: Discover how to make clear, committed choices when creating a character who stands out with Sarah DeMarco. Great class for expanding character development and learning how to audition like a pro. Thursday, September 20 from 5-7pm.

·      THE ART OF STAGE MAKE-UP: How many times have you marveled at the before and after, from actor to character, through the experienced application of stage make-up? Learn the basics with Master Artist Henry Williams. Cost includes a basic stage makeup kit from Ben Nye.  Tuesday, September 25 from 5-7pm

·      TECHNICAL DIRECTION: We are all fascinated by what goes in “in the booth” and backstage and how it changes everything that happens on stage. This is a fantastic intensive taught by CFA Technical Director Patrick Millard, and is for both those who love being onstage and those who like to hide behind the scenes. Tuesday, October 2 from 5-7pm

·      ** WAITLIST!** This intensive is full. MUSICAL THEATRE AUDITION TECHNIQUE: There is a special kind of magic in musical theatre, and the audition process is more intensive than for non-musical productions. Work with our Youth Musical Director, Nicole Madison Garrett, and you will walk away with a powerful toolbox to help you knock your auditions out of the theatre! Students are asked to come with sheet music of an uptempo song from contemporary musical theatre. Tuesday, October 9 from 5-7pm

·      THE DIRECTOR'S VIEW: Ever wanted to sit in the Director’s chair? Now is your chance, while we walk you through different steps taken to get the most out of each and every performer. This exciting workshop, taught by guest director Allison Watrous, will complete your insider’s view of what makes theatre so great, and will help you discover things about your own abilities you weren’t even aware of before. Tuesday, October 16 from 5-7pm

Individual classes at $50 per class.

Space is limited so sign up today.

Scholarships available.